First Aid

  • Section 42 of the WHS Regulations states that any business or workplace must have an adequate number of workers trained in First Aid.
  • The minimum adequate number for a small to medium business would be 2- 3. You need at least one trained person available at all times – one primary and another trained as a backup for whenever that person is away. However if one is away and the designated first aider needs CPR or first aid, you should have a third person trained to attend their needs.
  • Maximum penalty: 60 penalty units

Fire Safety requirements

  • The Workplace Health and Safety Regulations section 43 states that any Business or Workplace must have an appropriate number of people trained in implementing emergency procedures.
  • We address all of these requirements in our Chief/Fire Warden course.
  • You would need at least one trained person available at all times per building/area, plus you need to have a backup person trained for whenever that one person is away.
  • Maximum penalty: 60 penalty units

The Building Fire Safety Regulations section 36.1 states that you also need to have all staff trained or a demonstration given in the operation of fire alarms and firefighting equipment every 2 years.
We cover this in our Basic Fire Extinguisher course (1-1.5 hours) which we would usually conduct onsite for your staff, or you could send them to one of our public courses.
Maximum penalty: 30 Penalty Units